Mom’s French Country Bedroom Reveal!

Ok, so my mom has been searching for “what her style” is for some time now and I think we finally figured it out – French Country. This woman has touched every corner of her house with a paintbrush. I really think she could have her own book with all of the styles and themes she has designed over the course of her life. She decorated her bedroom like this about 16 years ago, and don’t get me wrong, it’s cool and definitely unique, but, it was time to update that sucker. It took us about 2 weeks from start to finish and it looks fabulous!

Total cost: $120.00 for 3 cans of paint. To keep our budget low we are working with what she has. Thankfully, she has some really unique and beautiful pieces that she’s acquired from estate & garage sales over time. This has made it easy to go shopping throughout the house or shed or trailer when we need something.

The Before

How cool is this painting of my dad when he was in high school! (although it didn’t make the final cut)

The Inspiration

*Inspiration photos courtesy of Pinterest | Thistlewood Farms | Savvy Southern Style.

What we did:

~ Painted the walls and ceiling with 2 coats. Took painting shifts – I worked for 45 minutes while mom watched the baby, and then we switched. This worked really well for us & made time fly by!

~ Moved furniture around and changed the set up.

~ Swapped the curtains, changed the rug, got rid of the majority of the wall accents and kept it minimal.

The After

We thought about trying to cover the chandelier cord with a mirror or a cord cover, but in the end we liked the raw look and kept it as is.

Get the French Country look:

  1. Chandelier
  2. Chair
  3. Hydrangeas
  4. Stacked suitcases
  5. 4 Poster Bed
  6. Muted color palette
  7. Aged piece of furniture

Mom now loves to retreat to her bedroom ~ Let us know your thoughts or questions below!

5 thoughts on “Mom’s French Country Bedroom Reveal!

  1. Absolutely beautiful, you two make a great team. I have always loved to see what the next makeover project was going to be. Pa


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