Behold The Power of the Stool: The Most Versatile Piece in Your Home

These small, wonderful little objects offer both function and beauty. Stick it beside your couch, alongside your shower/tub… they sit, where ever you need them–offering a useful hand to perch your coffee, books, plants or your tush. Their possibilities are endless! I have one in every room in my house and use it in so many different ways. Options are linked below by clicking on the stool!

Happy stool shopping to you!




A really good affordable sofa!

Feathers Sofa

Have you heard of Valyou Furniture? If you haven’t, I am now spreading the news about a sofa that is affordable, beautiful to look at, easy to clean, and doesn’t take 6 months to arrive at your door! When we moved into our apartment in March we knew we wanted a modern couch that had a beautiful shape to it versus your average big & boxy couch. This is our first low to the ground sofa and I will admit, it did take us a few weeks to get used to the height, but now we love it!

A few points about the feathers sofa:

  1. Super easy to clean! We have a 2 year old and she spills on it all the time :/ The cushions zip on and off and you just throw it in the wash! We don’t wash the covers very often unless it’s a big mess, a spot cleaner will work just fine to get most spots out. We use this one.
  2. Affordable! Couches are expensiveeeeee! We went with the 4 seater and after tax, shipping and white glove delivery, the total came to $1,699. The size ranges from a 3 seater to a 6 seater.
  3. Ordering online furniture without sitting in it?!?! This was probably our biggest hesitation. Comfort and feel is everything when it comes to a sofa so this was a gamble. The verdict is in and it is very comfortable and cushiony! I did notice for the first 2 weeks there were little lint balls where it gets the most sitting – I think it was just getting the new couch dust off – so I ran a lint roller over it a few times a week. But again, this only occurred during the first couple of weeks and now it doesn’t ‘shed’ anymore.
  4. Does it sag? This is a question I’ve gotten a lot. I guess loaf sofas tend to do this. This is our first one so we were new to this term! I do fluff it about once a month, but I’ve always done that with all my couches. It does have the loafy~laid back look to it already – so even it is a little saggy, it works! That’s the look.
  5. Fast delivery and easy to assemble! The couch came within a week in 2 big boxes and the delivery person set up everything for us. There is a connector underneath so they don’t separate and slide.
  6. Options! Because the couch comes in 2 pieces, you can arrange it in 1 long sofa OR separate the pieces like we did below. We started out with it being 1 sofa, but because of our living room layout, breaking it up into 2 pieces made more sense with conversation and TV watching. 🙂

Hope this helps with your search and if you have any questions please comment below!


A few other pieces I have my eye on…

Feathers Sectional. Curl up and get so cozy on this one!
Valka Dresser

5 simple ways to make your home cozy & festive for fall without going overboard

Overstock Product
Layer up your chairs and couches with throw blankets.
Autumn colored taper candles.
Bring in sticks from outside.
Plop them in a jar or vase.

Jazz~coffee shop music playing at all times.

Yes, I’m saying it, get this stuff – it is just as good as it sounds and saves you money from buying those you know what…(pumpkin spice lattes)

Happy Fall Ya’ll!



Accent Chairs

I lean towards a more neutral chair, but in the right room, I think a color or patterned chair can be a great statement piece. Any of these will look good in a living room or a cozy reading corner paired with a lamp. I rounded up a mix at different price points. Some modern, fun, and traditional. Chairs can be really expensive so I hope these are somewhat within your budget. And if you’re up for the hunt, check out your local thrift store or on Facebook Marketplace where you can find some reputable brands. (Ethan Allen, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware)

*TIP: If you already have a chair and are a little tired of it and don’t want to buy a new one, try adding a lumbar or throw pillow to freshen it up a bit. This etsy shop has some gorgeous custom-made pillows and love this striped one.

Delisle 34'' Wide Tufted Armchair
Witham 36'' Wide Tufted Down Cushion Armchair
A playful homage to Southwestern diamond patterns. This chair comes in 122 patterns!! Have your pick!
KOARP Armchair, Gunnared beige/black
$170! Love the contrast of beige and black. Looks more expensive than it is.
Pair of Leopard Parson Chairs in the Style of Milo Baughman, Custom For Sale
These are wild and very expensive, but if your budget is big & you like leopard, go for it!
Clermont Chair
Mid-century modern.
Austen Caramel Velvet Tufted Modern Armchair with Pillow
Rich caramel glam.
Mixed textures.
You can always count on Anthropologie to have an amazing $1,000 chair! The one below is just as precious and half the price.
So whimsical!
Cantebury Colony Linen Upholstered Armchair
Traditional. Pair it with an ottoman and I could sit in it all day watching Nancy Meyer movies.
olive velvet gold legs
Sophisticated Green.
Spindle Chair
Gorgeous legs & detail.
A boost of happy! Not sure if this will be a fan favorite, but for $176 it’s worth a shot! Comes in more colors.
Delancey Petite Upholstered Wingback Armchair
It’s $$$ but is a classic and would last forever. Has an old school vibe.
Can’t go wrong with cognac brown. This chair wants to hug you. Oversized and welcoming.
Some might consider this one a bit grandma’ish – but I think it’s sweet.
Slipper chair.
Love the clean lines and bolster pillows. A cool modern piece.
Love this color and it’s on sale!
Bransford 29'' Wide Tufted Polyester Armchair
This is apart of the Kelly Clarkson line at Wayfair. Have you seen it? She has some great stuff on there! Check it out here.
Paris Velvet Wingback Chair
This checks all the boxes for me…high back, rolled arms, striped.
Ladarius Armchair
A cool rust color to add a warm tone and personality to a room.
Esters Wood Armchair Husk - Project 62™ : Target
An easy going chair that you want to sit in and listen to music.

Hope this helps with finding your dream accent chair!




Rug Roundup

I love rugs. Beyond grounding the room, the right rug can be the jumping off point for the style of the room and set the tone for the space. Your rug is the foundation of your room so everything should feel grounded by it rather than having it serve as a small accent piece that floats in the middle of the room.

Good rule to follow: Most living rooms will need a rug that is at least 8Ă—10 with some even needing 9Ă—12 if the room is larger.

3 tips when buying a rug:

  1. Measure your space! So many people forget to measure the area they are buying for. Get that tape measure out! The bigger the rug, the better. (usually) A 9×12 or 10×13 sounds huge, but when you get it in the space and scooted under the furniture, it doesn’t look as big as you’d think. Huffington Post has a great article on choosing the right size of rug.
  2. Knowing the style of the rest of your room will give you a great idea of how to buy a rug that fits with your aesthetic. If you’re going for a boho or mid-century modern look, a damask print rug will look a little out of place. Make sure you stay within your style when choosing. Patterned rugs are a good way to hide stains and you can have some fun with it.
  3. The best fiber for rugs is wool. It’s the easiest to clean & most durable. Think about what type of weave you want for your space? Does a jute rug make sense under your bed? Might not be the most pleasant thing to step on first thing in the morning.

Happy rug shopping to you!

Overstock Product
I love this rug! Has all the warm tones to make a room feel cozy.
Cool pattern. This rug would get lots of comments from guests at your house I think!
Anatolia Riylnn Rug - Momeni - image 1 of 8
I could see this rug in a lot of different rooms. Would be super sweet in a nursery. Love the pink and gold tones.
Overstock Product
I got this rug in the 8×10 for my daughter’s room and it is so shaggy and soft! Perfect for playing on all day! (FYI: The black is more on the gray side)
Overstock Product
This rug is gorgeous. I ordered this for my sister’s office and it is the perfect bohemian vibe.
A good neutral. Could see this in a modern or eclectic space.
Can’t go wrong with a classic black and white stripe.
Woven Diamond Persian Rug Neutral - Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee - image 1 of 8
Can’t beat the price on this one.


Mom’s bedroom updated…again!

This is now the 2nd time we have changed things around in her room in the past 7 months. But I think we finally got it right, I hope! (transformation above) Last summer we painted the walls white and switched around the layout of the room. My mom was super happy with it, but wanted to update her furniture at some point, which is the big change we did this time around.

What we did:

  1. Switched out the 4 poster bed for a linen sleigh bed we found on Facebook Marketplace for $350! Always looking for a good deal 🙂 Similar one.
  2. Added a 9×12 Ralph Lauren rug we found at HomeGoods. Similar one found here.
  3. Added artwork.
  4. Added hydrangeas.
  5. Blue is the pop color. Kept everything in the room neutral and used different shades of blue to add color.
  6. Brought in a huge credenza and added 2 lamps on top.
  7. Switched out the curtains.

This Greek Goddess maybe my favorite piece in the room. Adds a romantic touch.

Final words from my dad on this makeover, it’s done, no more, nothing else in here! So that’s a wrap!




My dad’s Ralph Lauren inspired cabin in the woods office

If you’re a minimalist, this room might make you dizzy! My dad’s office has been a work in progress for a few years. This space transports you to a cabin in the woods far far away from Texas! We used lots of cozy patterns, different textures, family memorabilia, and artwork to bring it all together for a cozy cabin look. I can just see him now balancing his checkbook, cowboy hat on, and hot cocoa in his other hand!

In this photo alone, there’s buffalo check, cow, floral, aztec and stripe patterns!
Hung a cowboy hat on the deer for some personality.
I took the wall decor from the ceiling all the way to the floor. There isn’t too much free wall space in this room so that’s one reason why, and I love how the eye is drawn all the way up and all the way down.

Happy check book balancing and cocoa drinking to you dad!



5 Tips for Adding Art to Your Home

Art can come across as fancy and intimidating. Sometimes you don’t even know where to begin. Here are 5 tips to get started and help you pick out some pieces you love! *Cost saving tip! Rip out pages from magazines or newspapers and frame them.

  1. Color Scheme: To begin, determine if you have certain color preferences or a style you’re trying to stick to. Abstract, modern, classic, prints, landscape, etc.
  2. Mix It Up: It’s OK to take some risks and mix high end and low end or oversize with small and vintage with new. Mix canvas with framed art or your kids artwork with a more mature print.
  3. Lacking character? Art can fix this by elevating a space, adding meaning and personality. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box – this is an area of decorating where you can bend the rules a bit and have fun with it! It can be moved easily and isn’t so permanent as other pieces you already have in your home.
  4. Art fits into any room: From the bedroom to the bathroom, art can be used anywhere.
  5. Go BIG: Large art pieces can open up a space and make it feel bigger and can be a focal point for a room. Maybe a big piece above your bed or couch.

Some pieces that caught my eye…

Cute for an office.

I will buy this one one day! And maybe this one too!

Love this bubblegum portrait series. Pop art – Queen Victoria.

If you love pink, this one is for you!

Let’s Eat!

Minimal. Love the colors.

I’m a sucker for these vintage posters. Every. single. one. of. them!

Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Horse & Rider.’

This may not be a favorite, but I like her! I could see this in a moody room.

These or these to add earthy tones. Maybe in a living or dining space.

Love these on their own or grouped in with a gallery wall.

Friends inspired 🙂

If you love the mountains or trees.

A pretty pastel print.

Gotta love cow art. Would look SO cute in a breakfast corner.

A fun, graphic piece to go in a bedroom or bathroom.

Move inspired posters. These would look awesome framed and put in a movie room.

Sweet prints for a nursery. Especially this one & this one.

Good luck with finding a piece that speaks to you! It will look amazing!


The wonderful world of wallpaper

I love me some wallpaper.

When it came time to re-decorate a wall in our bedroom/nursery, I knew wallpaper was the way to go without spending too much money (and putting more nail holes in the wall). Wallpaper can be EXPENSIVE but I found lots of affordable options on Carter and Main, Amazon and Walls Need Love. We wanted a print that was mature enough for adults but young enough for baby. We decided on a peel and stick wallpaper because we live in a rental and it will be easy (hopefully) to take down. We landed on a whimsical forest print and love the way it turned out! You would think with the bold and dark pattern it might make the room feel smaller, but it actually made it feel bigger. Wallpaper is also a safe way to decorate a wall where a crib is up against – there’s no heavy mirror or framed art that could fall on your little one.

Final Pick: Amazon’s Groovy Garden

Total Cost: Wallpaper + extremely sharp cutting tool + smoothing tool = $131.96

Some Tips: Before ordering, measure your walls to see how much you’ll need. We got by with 4 rolls for 1 wall that measures 14 feet by 16 feet and had enough leftover to cover part of my closet. You could also use the leftovers in a drawer, cover the back of a bookshelf, or frame it for a piece or art.

Before & After

Below are some prints that might just be what you’re looking for to add some flavor to a room.

Dreamy and full of wonder | Wild! | Sweet for a nursery, bedroom or bathroom | Fun and corky | Calming | Modern neutral | Bold and artsy

Happy wallpapering to you!

Decorating With Mirrors

Mirrors bring a good energy to a room. They are great for many reasons, they reflect light, open up spaces, allow you to check if your hair looks good! But when it comes time to hanging one on the wall, there is a little bit of an art to it.

What Does The Mirror Reflect?

Mirrors are usually hung based on available wall space, but it’s important to think about what will be reflected in it. When hung opposite of a painting or piece of furniture, it will give that item even more importance—as it will if hung across form something unattractive. Hanging a mirror across from a window will increase the amount of light in the room. I also really love when a mirror reflects a pretty light fixture or chandelier.


Don’t be afraid to use a large mirror in a small space. Mirrors create the illusion of depth and space so they can really help a small room feel bigger. A full-length mirror leaning against the wall is a great decorative element to use in a tiny room. Mirrors are also great for narrow spots such as hallways.

Create A Focal Point

Mirrors make great focal points. It’s why they are often placed above mantels. Hang sconces on either side and you’ve got the perfect focal point in any room. If you really want to go all out, cover a wall entirely in mirrors for a wow effect!

An awesome full length mirror for the bathroom or bedroom.

Love this round mirror and the price is on point!

A great square mirror to add to a gallery wall or on its own.

Now go hang that mirror!

Home Office Ideas

A room or corner in your home has probably been put to use a lot more recently (if you’re working from home). That space can sometimes get overlooked and might not get styled like the rest of your home. Whether you have a full room or just a wall, you can carve out a work oasis anywhere. If you don’t know where to start, add greenery, fun artwork and a lamp to begin with!


Clock, Rug, Grey Desk, Chair, Grass Stems, World Map

Modern with a pop

I know some people are against mixing brown and black, but I think it gives an eclectic look and can prevent a room looking matchy. Mixing the pink chair with neutral pieces allows it to be the pop piece in the room without being too bold.

Pink Chair, Desk Lamp, Rug, Bubblegum Art, Fig Tree, Desk

Urban Cowboy

Leather Chair, White Desk, Cow Rug, Snake Plant, Harrison Ford Art, Floor Lamp


Peel & Stick Wallpaper, Swivel Chair, Leopard Lamp, Rug, Desk, Bagels Art Print


Flag (also love this one), Chair (cheaper version), Grey Rug, Pillow, Lamp, Desk

For Smaller Spaces (Especially my fellow New Yorkers!)

Hanging plant, Desk, Wall Shelves, Mini Lamp, Chair, Bulletin Board

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