Do you have a dream movie apartment?

There are some movies I watch because it’s a great story and sometimes just because I like the setting. Maybe it’s filmed in a romantic city or town – or it’s that perfect house on a perfect tree lined street and it just sucks me right in and I start imagining myself living there. Do you do this?

Have you seen The Break Up? If you haven’t, it’s an anti-romantic comedy from 2006 and it was on TV the other day and I forgot how much I love this apartment! The couple (Jennifer Aniston & Vince Vaughn) share a condo in Chicago and one of their biggest fights is over who gets the apartment. And rightfully so because the apartment is worth fighting for. It’s vintage, cool, artsy, chic, clean, cozy, has amazing crown molding and I love it!

Accent wallpaper wall. Cozy lamp. Not too matchy-matchy with different bedside tables to give that eclectic look.
Also, Jennifer Aniston’s wardrobe in this movie is a dream movie wardrobe, but that’s a whole different discussion!

Living Room. Hey there pretty built in bookcases! Adds soul & smartness to a room.
Living Room. Rattan blinds and neutral color palette. I spy 2 cozy lamps 🙂
Kitchen. Love the wood butcher block island.
Dining Room. Open flowing space. Lovely french doors that lead to the kitchen and the raw wood table.
Living Room/Hallway. Cool patterned – corky chairs.

Do you have a favorite movie apartment?

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