Home Office Ideas

A room or corner in your home has probably been put to use a lot more recently (if you’re working from home). That space can sometimes get overlooked and might not get styled like the rest of your home. Whether you have a full room or just a wall, you can carve out a work oasis anywhere. If you don’t know where to start, add greenery, fun artwork and a lamp to begin with!


Clock, Rug, Grey Desk, Chair, Grass Stems, World Map

Modern with a pop

I know some people are against mixing brown and black, but I think it gives an eclectic look and can prevent a room looking matchy. Mixing the pink chair with neutral pieces allows it to be the pop piece in the room without being too bold.

Pink Chair, Desk Lamp, Rug, Bubblegum Art, Fig Tree, Desk

Urban Cowboy

Leather Chair, White Desk, Cow Rug, Snake Plant, Harrison Ford Art, Floor Lamp


Peel & Stick Wallpaper, Swivel Chair, Leopard Lamp, Rug, Desk, Bagels Art Print


Flag (also love this one), Chair (cheaper version), Grey Rug, Pillow, Lamp, Desk

For Smaller Spaces (Especially my fellow New Yorkers!)

Hanging plant, Desk, Wall Shelves, Mini Lamp, Chair, Bulletin Board

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