Behold The Power of the Stool: The Most Versatile Piece in Your Home

These small, wonderful little objects offer both function and beauty. Stick it beside your couch, alongside your shower/tub… they sit, where ever you need them–offering a useful hand to perch your coffee, books, plants or your tush. Their possibilities are endless! I have one in every room in my house and use it in soContinue reading “Behold The Power of the Stool: The Most Versatile Piece in Your Home”

A really good affordable sofa!

Have you heard of Valyou Furniture? If you haven’t, I am now spreading the news about a sofa that is affordable, beautiful to look at, easy to clean, and doesn’t take 6 months to arrive at your door! When we moved into our apartment in March we knew we wanted a modern couch that hadContinue reading “A really good affordable sofa!”

Mom’s bedroom updated…again!

This is now the 2nd time we have changed things around in her room in the past 7 months. But I think we finally got it right, I hope! (transformation above) Last summer we painted the walls white and switched around the layout of the room. My mom was super happy with it, but wantedContinue reading “Mom’s bedroom updated…again!”

My dad’s Ralph Lauren inspired cabin in the woods office

If you’re a minimalist, this room might make you dizzy! My dad’s office has been a work in progress for a few years. This space transports you to a cabin in the woods far far away from Texas! We used lots of cozy patterns, different textures, family memorabilia, and artwork to bring it all togetherContinue reading “My dad’s Ralph Lauren inspired cabin in the woods office”

5 Tips for Adding Art to Your Home

Art can come across as fancy and intimidating. Sometimes you don’t even know where to begin. Here are 5 tips to get started and help you pick out some pieces you love! *Cost saving tip! Rip out pages from magazines or newspapers and frame them. Color Scheme: To begin, determine if you have certain colorContinue reading “5 Tips for Adding Art to Your Home”