A really good affordable sofa!

Feathers Sofa

Have you heard of Valyou Furniture? If you haven’t, I am now spreading the news about a sofa that is affordable, beautiful to look at, easy to clean, and doesn’t take 6 months to arrive at your door! When we moved into our apartment in March we knew we wanted a modern couch that had a beautiful shape to it versus your average big & boxy couch. This is our first low to the ground sofa and I will admit, it did take us a few weeks to get used to the height, but now we love it!

A few points about the feathers sofa:

  1. Super easy to clean! We have a 2 year old and she spills on it all the time :/ The cushions zip on and off and you just throw it in the wash! We don’t wash the covers very often unless it’s a big mess, a spot cleaner will work just fine to get most spots out. We use this one.
  2. Affordable! Couches are expensiveeeeee! We went with the 4 seater and after tax, shipping and white glove delivery, the total came to $1,699. The size ranges from a 3 seater to a 6 seater.
  3. Ordering online furniture without sitting in it?!?! This was probably our biggest hesitation. Comfort and feel is everything when it comes to a sofa so this was a gamble. The verdict is in and it is very comfortable and cushiony! I did notice for the first 2 weeks there were little lint balls where it gets the most sitting – I think it was just getting the new couch dust off – so I ran a lint roller over it a few times a week. But again, this only occurred during the first couple of weeks and now it doesn’t ‘shed’ anymore.
  4. Does it sag? This is a question I’ve gotten a lot. I guess loaf sofas tend to do this. This is our first one so we were new to this term! I do fluff it about once a month, but I’ve always done that with all my couches. It does have the loafy~laid back look to it already – so even it is a little saggy, it works! That’s the look.
  5. Fast delivery and easy to assemble! The couch came within a week in 2 big boxes and the delivery person set up everything for us. There is a connector underneath so they don’t separate and slide.
  6. Options! Because the couch comes in 2 pieces, you can arrange it in 1 long sofa OR separate the pieces like we did below. We started out with it being 1 sofa, but because of our living room layout, breaking it up into 2 pieces made more sense with conversation and TV watching. 🙂

Hope this helps with your search and if you have any questions please comment below!


A few other pieces I have my eye on…

Feathers Sectional. Curl up and get so cozy on this one!
Valka Dresser

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