Rug Roundup

I love rugs. Beyond grounding the room, the right rug can be the jumping off point for the style of the room and set the tone for the space. Your rug is the foundation of your room so everything should feel grounded by it rather than having it serve as a small accent piece that floats in the middle of the room.

Good rule to follow: Most living rooms will need a rug that is at least 8×10 with some even needing 9×12 if the room is larger.

3 tips when buying a rug:

  1. Measure your space! So many people forget to measure the area they are buying for. Get that tape measure out! The bigger the rug, the better. (usually) A 9×12 or 10×13 sounds huge, but when you get it in the space and scooted under the furniture, it doesn’t look as big as you’d think. Huffington Post has a great article on choosing the right size of rug.
  2. Knowing the style of the rest of your room will give you a great idea of how to buy a rug that fits with your aesthetic. If you’re going for a boho or mid-century modern look, a damask print rug will look a little out of place. Make sure you stay within your style when choosing. Patterned rugs are a good way to hide stains and you can have some fun with it.
  3. The best fiber for rugs is wool. It’s the easiest to clean & most durable. Think about what type of weave you want for your space? Does a jute rug make sense under your bed? Might not be the most pleasant thing to step on first thing in the morning.

Happy rug shopping to you!

Overstock Product
I love this rug! Has all the warm tones to make a room feel cozy.
Cool pattern. This rug would get lots of comments from guests at your house I think!
Anatolia Riylnn Rug - Momeni - image 1 of 8
I could see this rug in a lot of different rooms. Would be super sweet in a nursery. Love the pink and gold tones.
Overstock Product
I got this rug in the 8×10 for my daughter’s room and it is so shaggy and soft! Perfect for playing on all day! (FYI: The black is more on the gray side)
Overstock Product
This rug is gorgeous. I ordered this for my sister’s office and it is the perfect bohemian vibe.
A good neutral. Could see this in a modern or eclectic space.
Can’t go wrong with a classic black and white stripe.
Woven Diamond Persian Rug Neutral - Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee - image 1 of 8
Can’t beat the price on this one.

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